Wednesday, June 10, 2015

R.I.P. James Last

James Last sadly passed away at age 86.
Thanks for all the music Hansi, it will live on for years

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  1. GB, I must join you in bidding a sad farewell to one of the greatest, if not THE greatest talent to ever grace the genre of easy listening instrumentals. It's sad to think there's no one coming along to take up the baton in his stead. Musical talent like that of Hansi is a dying art, I'm afraid. Like the country music song asks, "Who's going to fill their shoes?" We've lost Franck Pourcel, Paul Mauriat, Mantovani, I don't know if Raymond LeFevre is deceased or not. I think Ronnie Aldrich may be deceased, but again I'm not sure. The point to be made is all the easy listening greats are either deceased or well into their retirement. Oh, how we need some new talent for this wonderful genre!!!